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New Factory Layout and Setup

For effective factory layout & initial setup. Facilitate factories in procuring machine & factory equipment with best ROI. Operator & staff training with best in class performance evaluation.

Baseline assessment of existing & new factory

To understand the current performance level and scope of improvement opportunities. Helps to design long-term training & development project.

Lean Manufacturing Tools

For a factory to reduce wastage, capital blockage & lead time with the help of lean tools & training.

Productivity Improvement Program

For improving overall efficiency in cutting, sewing & finishing with scientific training of supervisors & working staff.

Quality Improvement Program

To improve ‘RFT’ (right first Time) quality in all manufacturing processes. Reduction in re-work & rejection leading to higher profitability.

Establishment of Industrial Engineering Department

To establish or strengthen the industrial engineering department which evaluates and generate improvement opportunity with the help of IE tools.

Supplier Evaluation System

To evaluate and improve the performance of supplier with product life cycle cost. resulting in an overall reduction of financial losses due to the poor performance of the supplier.

Supervisor Training Program

To upskill supervisor for higher productivity and better quality along with leadership training for man-management.

Improving Production Planning & Control / Capacity Planning

To improve overall planning with a high hit rate of ‘PCD’ (Plan Cut Date). Overall improvement in sewing & finishing plan achievement and on-time shipment.

Sampling Performance Improvement Program

For improvement of on-time delivery and right first time quality in sampling.

Improving Pre-Production file handover (FHO) Effectiveness

For improving coordination between pre-production and production team for a high percentage of on-time file handover.

Strengthening HR System

To unlock the full potential of employees and workers performance. For developing an environment that generates happier, high performing and sustainable workforce.

All Department SOP and Process Flow Chart

To standardize all the manufacturing processes which eliminate the chances of making error.

Sewing Operator Training Program

To upskill sewing operator for higher productivity and better quality. A fresh operator can be trained with 45% of efficiency.

KPI Development For Each Process

Data driven performance evaluation that clears the understanding of the current performance level and helps to plan future goal for each process KPI.

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